How Chelsea became Champions… and how you can too

25th November 2015

So there you have it, the end of the Premiership Season and Chelsea are Crowned Champions, Just like that!

But wait a minute it hasn’t happened just like that has it.

You see, I’m pretty sure Chelsea set their eyes on being Premiership Champions right from the start of the season and embarked on the journey even before that.

So they have a goal, they have a great leader who is going to make sure everything is happening in the right way and the strategy is set to achieve that goal.

They employ the best players and train with them to make sure that even the best players continue to improve.

They work on systems to use in games to overcome the opposition and they make sure all their players understand how the system works so that they can all do their bit.

And then throughout the season they continually test and measure their progress through results. They bring in new players when additional improvement is required making sure they are on course.

They work hard every training session and every game and keep focussed on achieving the common goal. Even when a team has setbacks they keep focussed and NEVER GIVE UP.

A consistent, quality output is achieved and so it’s no surprise when they win the league!

What’s interesting is that all these things also apply to a business any business.

  • A goal shared by all
  • Great management and strategy
  • A fantastic team delivering the workload
  • Systems employed for efficiencies
  • Keep focussed
  • Testing and measuring of progress
  • Adjustments where necessary
  • Never give up

So whatever your business might be isn’t it time that you planned for the future and set your sights at being CHAMPIONS?